photos: some DIY hc/punk shows jan/feb '09

drought, the radiant hour, kurt russell @ legion of doom 02.12.09
kurt russell 10483
pictured here: kurt russell. the singer on the top right was bleeding all over the place.
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wildcat revival, kurt russell, reverse the curse, red sun @ legion of doom 02.03.09
wildcat revival 10439
pictured here: wildcat revival. the singer caught a cymbal to his nose at the end of the set and was pretty bloody.
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born bad, vile gash @ 15th house 12.28.08
born bad 10290
pictured here: born bad. pretty sure the singer was bleeding from somewhere by the end of the set.
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ADD/C, landlord, peccadillos (aka panty hearst), welcome to concrete @ 15th house 01.01.09
welcome to concrete 10305
pictured here: welcome to concrete. no known bleeding at this show.
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little lungs, ps eliot, the read, saintseneca @ legion of doom 01.04.09
little lungs + me 10367
pictured here: myself steppin' it up with the little lungs crew. bloody nice lads, they.
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we were skeletons, half gorilla, bubonic bear, daisycutter @ legion of doom 01.05.09
half gorilla 10388
pictured here: half gorilla. even if there wasn't blood, there should have been.
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mountain asleep, heath deadger @ monster house 01.06.09
mountain asleep 10405
pictured here: mountain asleep. no blood, but there was a super soaker filled with root beer.
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bonus set from scanned negatives: fun people @ robot house 10.27.00
fun people 27
pictured here: fun people. blood oranges?
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