photo roundup: cult ritual, dangerbird, reflect, lose the 'tude and more!

 lose the 'tude! 9855
 lose the tude

 lose the 'tude! 9847
 lose the tude

 pancreatectomie 9809

 cult ritual 9846
 cult ritual

 cult ritual 9842
 cult ritual

 dangerbird 9793

 reflect 9826

 vile gash 9814
 vile gash

 couch forts 9805
 couch forts

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columbus demo tape action - deathly fighter, intense justice, and we remain

been a bit of a nostalgia trip going on over at the columbus sucks message board, old columbus flyers are the topic of one of the most popular threads right now and there are some pretty good ones being posted.  lots of old legion of doom flyers, as well as flyers for shows at addition 13, fire exit, and elsewhere.  the lot of which corresponded with a few cassette rips i'd recently done of a bunch of demos i've been wanting to listen to, and as your luck would have it, posted here for your listening pleasure as well.

first up, we have the xAND WE REMAINx demo.  straightedge youth crew thrash-core featuring past/future/present members of killed in action, dismal, reflect, the ordeal, the dead hate the living, severe, etc.  i think they were still all straightedge at this point.  which still remain?  haha.


and_we_remain_lyric_back and_we_remain_lyric_front

xAND WE REMAINx demo 2002 [cassette rip]
mp3 320kbps VBR [27.24 MB]

it's too late (again)
practice makes you an asshole
#11...i forgot the title
kill your neighborhood drug dealer
the tunnels of cu chi
this city's ours
all that street cred and you're still a loser

next up is the intense justice tape.  this band would prove to be the precursor to the styling (and featuring future members) of the infamous columbus power violence cartel, weed steeler.



 intense justice - nail and bail [cassette rip]
mp3 320kbps VBR [35.64 MB]

intense justice
that's not normal
learn to skate
do not go
only till september
giant bird
bass tape rapist
live @ madlab 8/29

last, but certainly not least, we have the almighty deathly fighter demo.  maybe even better than 9 shocks terror, this japanese hardcore-influenced band pulled out all the stops, and with surgical precision.  GISM were given their due run for the money.  deathly fighter are kind of still a band, mostly in name only, but are totally different and do not sound like this anymore.  christian who provided vocals for this outfit, currently carries the banner with his latest abomination to humanity, vile gash.


 deathly fighter demo [cassette rip]
 mp3 320kbps VBR [27.29 MB]

gastric detonator
u boat jungle
the alchemical process
(pedigree of a madman)
mettallic appliance from guru artifact
fear tactics in guru situation

comments, please!  more to come soon!!


a few more photosets, playing catch-up

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abiku, hulk smash, dragtown @ lod 07.26.08

 overated @ lod 07.22.08


 shot baker, overated, wishyouweres @ lod 07.19.08

 surroundings, harold kunkle, drought @ lod 07.18.08

outclassed, le vansona @ monster house 07.17.08

dangerbird, couch forts @ legion of doom 08.09.08

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dangerbird came out from philly to lay down the epic crazy horse stylings and couch forts folked off!

dangerbird | couch forts